River Boat Safari,

Tanabe Rice Rock Carvings and Jumping Crocodiles

Experience the Northern Territories most 

unique landscapes. The Wetland region of 

the Adelaide River and Corroboree Billabong.

 Full Day - River Boat Wildlife Safari 

with Jumping Crocodiles

About The Tour:

Join the Safari boat tour for a 1Hour relaxed journey out onto the Corroboree Billabong.

Cruise through a maze of waterways that are lined with 

colourful flora and discover wildlife in their own natural habitat. 

A truly beautiful way to see the wildlife.

Tanabe Hidden Rice Rock Carvings -See amazing Wild Rice sculptures some up to 82 metres long hidden amongst the granite boulders at Mount Bundy.

Pathfinder Jumping Crocodile Cruise - 1 hour cruise of the the Adelaide River, experience crocodiles up to 6 metres show they're spectacular natural abilities Up Close and Personal.

Safari Cruise_1.jpg

Total Duration: 8.5 Hours

Adult: $285pp

Child: $250pp


Wednesday 8:00am & Saturday 8:00am